A working model submarine


Why a Small World Models Trenchant?

I've got several submarine related projects on the go at the moment, all moving along at a snails pace, and I must admit I miss not having a boat in the water. So what was needed was a kit that went together well and quickly, had some capability for upgrade later and had been tested and assessed by a few others first. After watching a few of Ben Cliffe's videos of his Trenchant I decided to order one. Dave Manley of Small World Models in the US advised that the delivery time was about 4 months, which was not really a problem, something to do over the winter!

The Kit was duly ordered and arrived 8 weeks later in a robust cardboard box. I unpacked the parts and as you can see below, there are not too many parts. The impeller and rear vanes are pre-assembled as is the ballast tank.

Views of the hull and stern. The pump jet is pre-assembled. Views of the tower, vanes and parts, all finely moulded in resin. Detail is excellent

The ballast tank, all pre-assembled, nothing much to do here. Unscrew the motor/mounting plate to gain access to the aft section

Put the supplied servo horns on each servo and adjust for neutral position. Then place in the slots in the aft section. Each horn lines up the slots in its mating half. A little silicone sealant to hold the servos in place, and then re-assemble

I was undecided whether to use lead shot or sheet for ballast, I chose sheet

After adding and moving strips of lead sheet about, I got a good surface trim, and she went down on an almost even keel. I hate adding buoyancy foam.

Ben Cliffe has also made this model. Read his review and see the video’s by clicking the links below:-